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    22-23 May, 2019 | Hyderabad
22 - 23 May, 19
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Technological disruption and automation are transforming the Work, Worker, and Workplace. Whether you are a large multi-national company or a small to mid-sized business, your HR systems, and organizational processes must respond to the changing world of work.

At SHRM HR Tech APAC 2019, the spotlight will be on how People Managers cut through the jargon and explore how organizations are approaching this constant change, providing analysis of the latest in HR technology and the impact it has on business strategy.
The conference is a global platform which sees an attendance of over 1500 professionals from the world of work and brings them closer to expert opinions, global leaders and the latest trends in HR, Technology, and Workplace Innovation.
SHRM TECH APAC 2019 has been featured in 20 Best HR Conferences to attend in 2019 by Harver. See you there!


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#SHRMTech19 Speakers

  • SharadSharma

    Sharad Sharma

    Co-founder, iSPIRT Foundation
  • ShawnDuBravac

    Dr. Shawn G. DuBravac

    Founder & President
    Avrio Institute
  • Jayesh Ranjan

    Jayesh Ranjan

    Secretary, Information Technology (IT)
    Govt. of Telangana
  • Suresh Narayanan

    Suresh Narayanan

    Chairman & MD
    Nestle India Limited
  • EmilyMDickens

    Emily M. Dickens, J.D

    Corporate Secretary &
    Chief of Staff, SHRM
  • ThamChienPing

    Tham Chien Ping (CP)

    Head HR
    Zuzu Hospitality Solutions
  • AlokNanda

    Alok Nanda

    GE India Technology Centre
  • RajRaghavan

    Raj Raghavan

    Senior VP, HR
    IndiGo (InterGlobe Aviation Ltd)
  • Kshitij Kashyap

    Kshitij Kashyap

    VP & Head Human Capital, India
    Optum Global Solutions
  • SashiKumar

    Sashi Kumar

    Head of Sales, India
  • RohiniSrivathsa

    Dr. Rohini Srivathsa

    National Technology Officer
    Microsoft India
  • Aditya Kohli

    Aditya Kohli

    Chief HR Officer
    Clix Capital
  • Muniinder K Anand

    Muniinder K Anand

    MD (India & South Asia)
  • Anjul Pratyush

    Anjul Pratyush

    Think Talent Services
  • Mukul Jain

    Mukul Jain

    Chief Executive Officer
    Hono HR
  • RahilAnsari

    Rahil Ansari

    Audi India
  • Stacey Harris

    Stacey Harris

    VP, Research & Analytics
  • Ryan-John

    John R. Ryan

    President & CEO
  • RimpalChawla

    Rimpal Chawla

    Founder & CEO
    Anitya Ventures
  • Engelbert Camasura

    Engelbert Camasura

    President & CEO
    Asia Select, Inc.
  • AmorMaclang

    Amor Maclang

    Marketing & Communications Innovator
    GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc.
  • Abhijit Bhaduri

    Abhijit Bhaduri

    Author, Columnist & Management Consultant
  • GabrielBordado

    Gabriel Bordado

    Skills and Employability Specialist ILO DWT for South Asia and Country Office for India
  • Sumek Gopal

    Sumek Gopal

    Sr. Director- Human Capital
  • Randeep Singh

    Randeep Singh

    Head of Business Operations,
    Hono HR
  • ShwetaMehrotra

    Shweta Mehrotra

    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Citi South Asia
  • AtulSahgal

    Atul Sahgal

    Vice President
    Talent Acquisition, Infosys Limited
  • Sriram S R

    Sriram S R

    Director & Head-Human Capital
    Arcesium India Pvt Ltd
  • SumedhaSalunkheNaik

    Sumedha Salunkhe Naik

    CEO & Founder
  • Brad Boyson

    Brad Boyson

    Executive Director
  • Soumitra Roy

    Soumitra Roy

    Country Head
    Prometric India
  • Yashwant Mahadik

    Yashwant Mahadik

    Lupin Global
  • Shalini Lal

    Dr. Shalini Lal

    Infinity OD
  • Ayaskant Sarangi

    Ayaskant Sarangi

    Senior VP - Human Resources
    Wipro Limited
  • Uma Sankar

    Uma Sankar

    AVP - Head Learning & Development
    Infosys BPM

#SHRMTech19 Agenda


Achal Khanna
Achal Khanna

CEO - SHRM India & Global Business Head - APAC & MENA

Welcome note by Achal Khanna

JayeshRanjanJayesh Ranjan, IAS

Principal Secretary to Government of Telangana, Industries & Commerce (I&C) Department, & Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department

Hyderabad is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India and Jayesh Ranjan has had a key role in making it a hub for ideas and innovation for India. In this session he will share his thoughts on the growing importance of Entrepreneurial leadership in organisations and what it means in the context of India

SharadSharmaSharad Sharma

Co-Founder, iSPIRT Foundation

Sharad's personal mantra is to lead big and small companies through orbit change. Sharad is one of the active technology angel investors in India with about two dozen investments. Sharad is a passionate evangelist of the software product ecosystem in India. He is the co-founder and Governing Council member of iSPIRT. He was the Chair of NASSCOM Product Forum and a member of the Executive Council from 2009-13.
He has held a number of senior executive positions with leading technology companies. Most recently he was a SVP at Yahoo! and CEO of India R&D. Previously he turned around VERITAS operations in India. He also brought AT&T/Lucent R&D to India as an intrapreneur. Sharad is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded Teltier, now part of Cisco, and is currently the CEO of BrandSigma Inc.

The importance of striking the right balance between humans and machines in the recruitment processes is imperative. In today’s disruption economy, technologies are upending several industries and recruitment is one of them. Join Sashi Kumar, Managing Director Indeed and Atul Sahgal, VP of Talent Acquisition, Infosys as they discuss the intersection of technology and recruitment and what that means for companies such as Infosys. Gain insights into the extent to which technology can and should play a role in the recruitment space.

SashiKumarSashi Kumar

Head of Sales, India , Indeed.com

AtulSahgalAtul Sehgal


Yashwant MahadikYashwant Mahadik

CHRO - Lupin Global

In recent news - Wipro - Victim of a Cyber Attach. Internet Explorer security flaw allows hackers to steal files. Data privacy concerns with social platforms such as Google and Facebook have become a growing Global concern. According to 'Cisco 2018 Annual Cyber Security Report', cyber-attacks have caused financial damages worth USD 500,000 to Indian firms in just the last year and a half. Cybersecurity issues are becoming more complex and the scope of breaches is expanding. How do organisations cope and mitigate this increasing threat? Are security agencies equipped to handle digital forensic concerns and what about the vulnerability from employee user behavior and increasing use of personal devices to manage work? Join this session as our panel will thrash out the impacts and possible mitigant to Digital Threats.

Stacey HarrisStacey Harris

VP - Research & Analytics, Sierra-Cedar

The longest running and most comprehensive HR systems research effort in the industry looks at the roadmaps organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding HR technology adoption, integration, processes, and people. It provides practical data on emerging as well as innovative technology trends and helps organizations understand how they can capitalize on those trends. The research assists organizations with developing their HR systems strategy, devising a plan, justifying investments, and ultimately executing on their HR technology vision. A look at the findings for the HR Tech Landscape in Asia 2019

The Future of Work and the Future of Jobs are burning issues and have captured the attention of the world in recent times. Given the advancing intertwining of technology into our work; Automation; Digitization and the advent and rapid evolution of AI have set us on a path that is exciting and uncharted at the same time. A recent World Economic Forum report outlines 8 scenarios of the future of work by 2030, based three variable - Speed of Technological Change; Learning Evolution and Talent Mobility. The WEF also predicts that in just three years, 42% of tasks would be performed by machines or algorithms from the current 29%. So what does the future of work hold and what will the nature of the beast be? Find out as our panel of experts hone in on the Future of Work.
RajRaghavanRaj Raghavan

Sr. VP HR Indigo

KyleLegunasKyle Legunas

Talent Experience Expert

GabrielBordadoGabriel Bordado

Skills And Employability Specialist ILO DWT, South Asia & Country Office India

Shalini LalDr. Shalini Lal

Founder, Infinity OD

The war is on! Organisations today need to have clear and well thought out strategies for attracting talent. The landscape for Talent acquisition has shifted dramatically as well with the advent and adoption of technologies such as AI, blockchain and use of Big Data. Today marketing your employer brand has a huge role tp play in getting the right talent into your organisation. In this interactive and engaging session Sashi Kumar will share insights and ways to use digital marketing techniques to attract the right talent and share interesting insights on employer branding as well as tips and tricks on how to create an impactful employer brand that will attract the right talent. Sashi will throw light on the core elements of an effective digital employer brand, including selecting effective digital channels, crafting a message, and understanding your digital audience. Walk away with tactics that you can implement at your organisations immediately.

SashiKumarSashi Kumar

Head of Sales, India , Indeed.com

How invested are your employees in the organisations wellbeing? How engaged and motivated are they? Today this is becoming a growing concern not just for HR, but for the CEO as well. Yet, several reasearch show that employee engagement is a huge gap. Employee experience [EX] can be the game changer in creating an engaged workforce - what the employee feels, experiences and how they interact with the workplace. Technology can be a great level in making this happen. Join this session to learn more!

Mukul JainMukul Jain

CEO, Hono HR

AI is literally re-shaping the world. In this session we focus on the real-value that organisations can delive from AI and some of its pifalls!

Englebert KamasureEnglebert Kamasure

President & CEO - Asia Select, Inc.

Aditya KohliAditya Kohli

CHRO, Clix Capital

A candidate is assessed, the authenticity of their information validated AND their skills compared to existing needs in the organization seamlessly. That's the power of Blockchain. You get trustworthy data, severely reducing instances of employee fraud and cybersecurity issues. Blockchain also offers huge scope in automation of payroll, tax management, and other process improvements. How does it work? Not our problem. The question we should really be asking is 'What can Block chain do for us' as it may hold the key to transforming the HR function.

Innovation is key to staying ahead in the game. In this session we look at how fostering a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship can help organisations gain a competitive edge and also use it as a powerul engagelemt tool.

The word Innovation is associated with game changing ideas that shape organsiation or shape the world. Research by the Smith Brain Trust suggests that these high-impact, dramatic innovations are relatively rare. Though worthy of pursuit, they’re very difficult to achieve. What's more common is “continuous innovation.” Continuous innovation consists of smaller, more frequent innovations. These lead to smaller gains, but more reliably advance a company over time. How can we as leaders influence and drrive a culture that thrives on innovation? In this session our expert panelists throw light on How Leaders Can Successfully Drive Innovation.

Muniinder K AnandMuniinder K Anand

MD, (India & South Asia)

Sumek GopalSumek Gopal

Sr. Director
Human Capital, Optum

As per a recent study by Accenture, the skill gap is a burning need and a key challenge facing India's economy. The study highlights that close to 2 trillion dollars in India's GDP are at risk due to to the skill gap. The World Economic Forum also underlines reskilling as an imperative. Bridging the skill gap is no small task. It will require tremendous and co-ordinated efforts from gorenment, employers and organisations. Nor will it come cheap. The WEF pegs the cost of reskilling in the US alone to be at a whopping 34 Billion USD. This may be one of the most important and challanging tasks ahead for organisations and HRs role will be key in this shift.
Rimpal ChawlaRimpal Chawla

Founder & CEO - Anitya Ventures

CP ThamTham Chien Ping

Head HR, Zuzu Corporate Services

At just 23 Pranav is create drones for farmers to help them identify the difference between good and bad crop and eliminating middlemen with the use of technology. He has worked with APJ Kalam, built robotic hands for disabled at low cost, wheelchairs that follow the brain’s signals to name a few of his marvelous inventions. There is also an amazing culture at Maker's hive where its always 'bring your pet day' everyday. The culure is inclusive, participative and collective and fosters innovation. Meet innovator, maker and entrepreneur Pranav Vempati.
Rajan KaliaRajan Kalia

CEO, Salto de Fee & Advisor, SHRM

Pranav VempatiPranav Vempati

CEO, Maker's Hive Innovations

Networking Evening in Expo Area
Launch : SHRM Top 20 HR Influencers on Social Media
Entertainment & Cocktails Followed by Dinner
Emily M DickensEmily M Dickens

Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff, SHRM

If we get it right-if we transform work—we (HR) have the capacity to create true social change," Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, president and CEO of SHRM. At SHRM we firmly believe that HR is creating better workplaces. For this HR must understand business and all its key drivers. In this opening address, SHRM Chief of Staff, Emily M. Dockens will delve into how HR must play a key role in creating better workplaces.

ShawnGDubravacDr. Shawn G Dubravac

Founder & President, Avrio Institute

Artificial intelligence and robotics are challenging traditional norms of work. Employers are increasingly incorporating digital tools and in turn, redefining work and what it means to be an employee. At the intersection of technological innovation and human work, there are a myriad of complexities developing. The new breed of quantified workers will enhance productivity and opportunities for business expansion but employers have to handle mounting privacy concerns and new challenges for executives. A host of emerging technologies offer opportunities for business expansion and potential efficiencies while creating new challenges executives must tackle. Now is the time for HR executives to prepare for the future.

The absence of women professionals who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields is a critical problem. While technology as an industry is very progressive and women make up 40% of the world's workforce, women are still under-represented within India. In this session we throw the spotlight on women who have defied the norm and succeeded in the space of technology.
Emily M DickensEmily M Dickens

Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff, SHRM

Rohini SrivathsaDr. Rohini Srivathsa

National Technology Officer Microsoft India

SumedhaSalunkheSumedha Salunkhe

Naik CEO & Founder, Syntellect India

Amor McLangAmor McLang

Marketing & Communications Innovator GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc.


Automation, AI, machine learning, chatbots, blockchain. The list of technologies that are transforming HR and the workplace is evergrowing., allowing us to focus on high-value tasks and increase productivity. technology can take up the repetitive tasks and also help increase accuracy and reduce errors What is the role of HR in this mix and how do we ensure the we don't lose sight of the Human in HR. Join this session to gain insights on the role of HR must play in this dynamic scenario.

Brad BoysonBrad Boyson

Exe. Director, Regional Operations, SHRM EMEA

Anjul Pratyush Anjul Pratyush

COO, Think Talent Services


Often technology implementations go wrong and we blame the technology, the provider or the user. Equally often the problem lies in our approach to technology adoption? So what's the right way and what must we keep in mind when implementing workplace technologies - find out how to automate the right way in this session.

The gap between skill and demand is widening,. There are many estimations and predictions of the skills of the future and what new jobs, automation and new age technology will create. Jobs we do today may possibly not exist in the next 15 years and a host of new jobs as yet unimagined will come into existence. How do we skill our people in this scenario? In this session out panelists will throw light on what the future of learning holds.


Suresh Kumar SethiSuresh Kumar Sethi

Indian Postal Payments Bank

In this session, Suresh Sethi shares insights on how to drive change at a transformational level in the organization. He shares insights and learnings from his vast experience in both Private and public organizations. Suresh will call upon his vast international experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry and in the Financial Inclusion space leveraging Fintech and digital led innovation. He has been a key industry spokesperson and closely engaged with the Government and the Regulator in policy formulation in a rapidly evolving industry. He has been recognized by the ASIAN BANKER for contributions to the Financial Services Industry and is part of THE ASIAN BANKER's - "LIST OF LEADING PRACTITIONERS"

Join the finalists of the SHRM Workplace Hackathon to witness the next BIG idea that will change the workplace
They say information is power - well technology and the internet have given us THAT power and how! There is no doubt that Technology has huge advantages. We have never been more connected than we are today. Big Data, effective global teams, collaboration, learning, Automation, work flexibility and the list of what Technology does for us goes on. On the flipside, it had intruded into our daily lives at a very basic level. Ever left your smart phone home or have it die out on you?, Ever caught yourself checking just one last message or mail before going to bed? Ever hear your phone ring - in your sleep or when its not? As per psychological studies the technology is making us anxious caused by stressors such as FOMO, perpetual distractedness, Sleep disorders, fear of social judgement etc. So, is Technology increasing our Productivity or our Stress? Join the SHRM Debate to find out!
ShawnDuBravacDr. Shawn G Dubravac

Founder and President, Avrio Institute

Shweta MehrotraShweta Mehrotra

Chief Human Resources Officer, Citi South Asia

Gamification is a buzzword in the industry today. Despite the popularity of the concept, not many managers actually know how and when to use it order to achieve business results. And gamification can help in a lot of ways; it motivates and engages people, changes their behaviors, helps to develop specific skills or overcome problems, and much more.

As the retention and engagement-crisis increases and the attention span constantly decreases, gamification can act as a remedy. When an organization needs to motivate employees, drive user-engagement, increase sales, collect data, change a certain behavior or solve a business problem - in all these situations well-structured and customized gamification can act as a "magical wand".

According to Gartner, businesses successful in engaging users through gamification have seen 250 percent higher growth than their peers.

So, wouldn't you want to learn more about Gamification? Come, join us for an energetic hand-on session on Gamification. This will be a fun immersive learning experience in which teams of learners will play a game and try to win. The experience will teach Focus areas including Collaborating in a chaotic world and Dealing with Uncertainty.

Mohsin MemonMohsin Memon

Founder & CEO, Memcorp Immersive Learning


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What is SHRM APAC Start-up Network?

Technological advancements have seen the HR industry evolve itself into a Business Centre. As a result, companies that treat HR as a business function have had stupendous growth. Behind this evolution, companies should credit their success to new-age technologies and new-age companies that are a brain-child behind innovative products and solutions.
Organizations are in constant need for new ideas, better solutions to maximize user experience at the lowest possible cost. Maybe this is one of the reasons that the HR Tech Market in India is pegged at between $600-700 million!

There are solution-providers out there for all your business challenges and needs. But, with a myriad of options available, the ones with true potential sometimes go unnoticed. To provide such start-ups, small business a recognizable platform and foster innovation, SHRM India has launched a special Start-up initiative, SHRM APAC Start-up Network.

#SHRMTech19 Start-up Mentor

  • RimpalChawla

    Rimpal Chawla

    Founder & CEO
    Anitya Ventures
  • Gaurav Bakshi

    Gaurav Bakshi

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • GP Rao

    DR. GP Rao

    Good people Relations
  • Tanuja Abburi

    Tanuja Abburi

  • George Oommen

    George Oommen

    Director - HR
    Technology & Process Consulting
  • RuchiBhatia

    Ruchi Bhatia

    Social Brand Practitioner & Recruitment Branding Leader
  • Aditya Malik

    Aditya Malik

    Senior Partner
    Lumis Partners


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